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About Pixel-Furnace

Online Shop for High Quality Textures

Pixel-Furnace is the place to get game ready textures for every project.

3D Textures

That means you can download not only the seamlessly tileable Diffuse Map, but every other Detail Map was already created for you and is part of the product. This includes Normal and Displacement Maps, Specular Maps and Ambient Occlusion Maps.

Game Ready Textures

The textures are optimized for high performance games in several ways. Specular and Normal Maps are a standard feature of every modern game project. Almost every texture on Pixel-Furnace has a size that is a power of two in both width and height.

About Me


I am Chris Ebbinger and the creator of Pixel-Furnace.
I’m a 20 years old student of Computer Science and passionate about games and art.

Me on Artstation.