Pixel-Furnace has a resource of game-ready textures, free to use for non-commercial and commercial projects, that were created over a few years for different projects.

Download optimized materials for your photo-realistic or real-time projects from textures.pixel-furnace.com.

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box castle render


We have also created a few games for Android mobile devices.

Using the Unity game engine we already published three games to the Google Play Store.

Mini Golf

Simulating a pure, relaxing mini golf experience, this game has earned its place among the top mini golf games of the Google Play Store.


Classic Minesweeper with a modern appearance, custom board sizes and a guess-free mode.

Tree Defense

A small 2D game around pushing cute squirrels off your tree.

Unfortunately, our games are not available on Google Play anymore

mini golf preview


The Pixel-Furnace team consists of two graduated Computer Science students who now work in IT jobs and love to use their skills creatively in their free time. While both work together on the basic tasks of game making, each of them has their own set of skills that helps to improve the quality of their projects.

Chris Ebbinger

With his experience in digital art and web development, Chris is designing 3D models and textures and developing websites and graphical user interfaces.

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Marc Ebbinger

Being interested in more technical topics, Marc contributes especially to the development and optimization of Pixel-Furnace games.

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